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Pure to Pure Beauty Inc.

The simplest platform for better, more efficient care

Ai Powered Care and Monitoring through WiFi 

Add functionality to your platform

Managing multiple hardware devices is stressful.

With just radio signal, deploy ML algorithms designed to monitor activity, predict problems & catch anomalies.


Inturais machine learning platform integrates with your existing infrastructure and tools so you can manage, visualize, and optimize models from training runs to live monitoring.

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Remove the privacy and cost barriers to having full location visibility. Whilst cameras have limited reach, Inturai sees through walls and fixed objects for far greater intelligence at a lower cost.

Replace Cameras

Removes need for expensive and complex IoT installations with large upfront fees and increase intelligence about tracked objects.

No More Wearables and Intrusive Hardware

Single secure network for monitoring places and spaces. 

Reduced Cybersecurity Concerns

Simple to integrate and deploy our APIs into your tech platform

Low Code

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We are going live soon! 

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